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Shop-NC for a Purple Martin Bird House - find a purple martin bird house st

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Purple Martin Bird House

  Purple Martin Bird House
           How to Choose

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Choosing a Purple Martin Birdhouse

How do you select a Purple Martin bird house?  First, look at Purple Martin birdhouse designs offering multiple rooms. Most popular Martin house designs start with a minimum of 6 rooms and go up from there.  Other things to consider when buying a Purple Martin birdhouse are price, materials & appearance and convenience.

Price you don't have to spend a lot on a Purple Martin bird house - unless you want to. There are multi-room birdhouse designs to match any price point, ranging from less than $100 to almost $ 800 for large, elegant, multi-room birdhouses.  Consider your budget and choose a bird house within your price.

Materials and Appearance Purple Martin birdhouse materials tend to be lightweight, usually polymerized plastic, aluminum or traditional wood.  The decision as to which material really boils down to which do you prefer.  A plastic purple martin bird house is inexpensive and lightweight.  Aluminum is also lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.   As to appearance, you can select from several birdhouse designs ranging from stacked, multi-story designs to octagonal & hexagonal designs to cottage or barn-like bird houses.

Convenience every Purple Martin birdhouse should be cleaned at the end of the spring/summer nesting season. Therefore, most experienced Purple Martin landlords prefer a bird house style that can be raised and lowered on its mounting pole.