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Designing with Patio Gliders

Patio gliders add motion to your patio environment. When designing, think of patio gliders as conversation in motion.

As a compliment to your patio, gliders can be combined with other patio pieces such as rocking chairs and swings. All of these “glide” in a similar style and create a dynamic and fluid patio setting. To make patio gliders a center of attention, you might combine them with static pieces such as benches and outdoor chairs.

Generally, the motion of gliders is less than that of swings, so patio gliders are a good choice when patio space is limited. However, gliders do need room to move, so your patio design should not place them directly next to a wall. Two feet of patio space in front and one foot to the rear is sufficient for most gliders.  Because patio gliders move, static side and coffee tables are useful for placing plates, books and drinks. 

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