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Poly Outdoor Furniture FAQ's

Poly outdoor furniture is made for all seasons so you never have to take it inside for storage. Poly surfaces are mold & mildew resistant and not treated with any chemicals so furniture is safe for children and pets.

What is poly outdoor furniture made from?
Poly outdoor furniture is made from dimension lumber in turn made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic polymer sourced from petroleum, natural gas, corn and other biomass.  The primary use of HDPE is the manufacture of soda bottles, milk jugs and other blow molded hollow goods. When a consumer recycles these items, there is a rough offset of 1 gallon of crude oil per 3 lbs of recycled plastic.

High-density poly is made from variable amounts of
virgin raw material and recycled post consumer waste.  All high-density poly used in outdoor furniture is treated with UV stabilizers, making it resistant to fading, warping, rotting, and peeling.  Color is solid, through and through so furniture is not affected by nicks and scratches.

The hyphenated name POLYWOODŽ is the brand of Poly-Wood, Inc. the furniture manufacture in Syracuse, Indiana who started the trend toward poly outdoor furniture in 1990.  Poly-Wood, Inc continues to be a leading product innovator and POLYWOODŽ the best known poly brand in the field. 

Poly-Wood, Inc. does not retail its products on the Internet.  Beware when other sites claim that their "manufacturing facility allows us to extend savings that others just can't match".  That's simply hucksterism ... and not true.

What is MAP Pricing?
MAP is the Minimum Advertised Price that an authorized retailer is allowed to display in any print or online advertising.  Dealers that do not abide by requested pricing policies can be cut off by suppliers and be limited in their ability to provide post sale service, including help with warranty issues.  Shop-NC has been an online retailer since 1998 and enjoys excellent relationships with its suppliers.


What about coupon codes?
MAP policies can also apply to online shopping cart discount, coupon and promo codes.   Again, be aware that dealers who violate supplier policies jeopardize their ability to provide product and serve you on warranty and other issues.  As an Authorized Dealer, we abide by the MAP and other policies of our suppliers.

Why buy from Shop-NC?
Honestly? ... because we are honest.  About who we are, what we do and how long we have been doing it.  We have the personal knowledge to guide you, the experience to get it done and the authority to act without first checking with a "supervisor". Seems simple, but we know it is not like that everywhere. Your poly furniture will last a lifetime, so take your time ... and buy from someone you will still be able to talk to years from now.

How is poly furniture made?
Once the poly lumber has been extruded and formed, it is crafted using traditional furniture manufacturing techniques.  All poly furniture is made using stainless steel hardware for long-lasting, full outdoor use. 
Click Here to see more.

Which brand is right for me?
We have personally chosen all of our poly furniture for style and comfort - we sit in it, because you can't.  We also rate our lines for Quality and Value and like buying a car, there's something for everyone.  The Quality factors we judge include sturdiness, HDPE thickness and attention to detail.  Our Value ratings consider price versus quality and customer satisfaction.  Call us at 800-881-3727 - we'll help you to decide.

What about warranties?
As experience with high-density poly grows, the trend is toward longer & longer warranties.  Outdoor furniture made from HDPE poly has only been manufactured since 1990; however some of our suppliers are so confident about their poly products that they offer a lifetime warranty. 

Shop-NC has been around for over 13 years and we will be here when you need help with any warranty situation.  The most common issues we have seen over the years are an odd warped board and occasional loosened/stripped hardware in furniture exposed to exceptionally rugged use.